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Our Holistic Solutions & Services:

1. Live Transmission & Cloud Conferencing:

Telnet provides live transmission and online webcasting services to events organizers by integrating a set of innovative technologies and high-speed internet connection. Our turnkey solutions and meticulous preparation are behind the live broadcast of some of the world’s most renowned international events. Our Live Transmission shortens distances and eliminates the need of physical presence. Our webcasting platform undergoes several pre-event testing to offer a seamless live streaming to both abroad attendees, and participants. The solution can be deployed as one-to-one venue, or one-to-multi venues, or multi-to-multi venues, called also Cloud Conferencing; and can comprises multiple conferences running at the same time across several adjacent or geographically distant halls. Live Transmission & Cloud Conferencing are backed by fully managed Q&A live session post the event.

2. Online Survey and Voting Platform:

Our Online Survey Platform enables a seamless post-conference interaction and live feedback from the audience. The solution features a smart user interface that allows the conference organizer to prepare, list, run, and evaluate online surveys during or post any event. Whether it is a seminar or large-scale conference, our OSP can tolerate simultaneous multi-level concurrent voting from the attendees. The attendees can connect to the voting survey by subject or by conference hall by logging to via either their smartphone (iOS or Android) or using our tablets. Once authenticated, the attendees may vote on each question, review their voting, and check the final voting results. Even more, additional information such as interstitial advertisements, special offers, or prize draw results can be pushed to the attendee’s smartphone.
During the voting process, the event organizer can identify each user via his secure ID, can check the number of voters in real time, and can print the results at the end of the survey. The survey is controlled by a predefined time and each question should be answered in a short timeframe, usually in seconds. An unanswered question is considered as “skipped”.
The event organizer can generate the Post-Event Survey Report at ease. Data gathered can be displayed in numbers and/or statistical graphs, and the report can be printed out or emailed to specific recipients. The OSP is an innovative way to understand how the audience interact; it doesn’t only provide the organizer with concrete, accruable, and measurable results, but it also allow him to evaluate the ROI of the event.

3. Live Surgery:

Live Surgery is a particular solution offered by Telnet for the medical community; it allows the audience to remotely attend a live surgical operation from a distance. During the surgery, a two-way communication system allows verbal interaction with the operating doctor while he/she explains the operating procedure step-by-step. This two-way audio and video interaction utilizes special equipment – which some area wearable- designed in a way not to distract the attention of the operating team. Fixed or movable multiple live feeding vari-focal cameras are installed in several zones and in different angles to permit the audience to get a complete detailed view of the surgery. Furthermore, whether it is for advisory or monitoring purposes, Live Surgery Solution allows a distant specialized doctor to remotely assist operating surgeon in a surgery room. Telnet team has deep expertise in installing the necessary equipment in any surgery room while respecting the hospital procedures.
Live Surgery can be combined with other solutions such as Q&A post-event session, Live voting, and Live Translation.

4. Social Media Integration:

Telnet Live Transmission and Webcast Solutions can be integrated online with the social media. This integration allows real-time communication with followers from Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Questions, comments, view, and suggestions can be posted live, manned by the moderator, pushed to attending audience, and answered by the presenter. Moderator can select when and which message may appear live on the screen from a list of incoming social messages from his own private page.

5. Virtual Live Mixing:

VLM is technique used during the presentation to push moderated messages and annoucemnts live on the TV screens of the conference. The multi-layers push technology of VLM allows manning of several concurrent messages each independently with different set of parameters, such as color, font, duration of message, and effects. With VLM, multiple video channels can be broadcasted on the same screen, giving a richer outlook to the conference.

6. Online and Onsite Registration:

Telnet Online Registration Platform is a proprietary solution offered to event organizers to facilitate registration of the attendees. Fully developed in house, the solution allows: Online Pre-Registration (via web or smartphone), Online Check-in, Booking and Payment of VIP Seminars, Booking of Accommodation and Travel Services (by API integration with third-party providers), and online payment via Credit Card and PayPal.
The front-end of our registration platform is user-friendly, multi-lingual, and customizable to meet the event’s website theme. Our APIs and webservices are designed to allow quick deployment and integration with any event’s website. The backend is architectured using solid and secure database that allows multiple and concurrent registrations.
The Onsite Registration is an extension of our online registration platform and helps attendances who did not complete the pre-registration to register at the event’s registration kiosk.

7. Online Remote Attendance:

Online Remote Attendance allows abroad registrants to attend the event online and select the conference session they would like to view. Online Attendance process is identical to live attendance, allowing the event organizer to obtained post-event detailed report on total number of attendees (virtual and walkin). The remote attendee have full access to most of the utilities and services offered by Telnet to walk-in attendees at the conference.

8. Equipment Hire:

Telnet caters a wide selecting of audio, video, light, and computing equipment for hire. These equipment are offered either bundled as part of our services and solutions, or independent leased on daily basis:

• Audio Systems: Professional speakers, microphones, and mixers to guarantee the highest audio quality. Available in multiple sizes, types, and power outputs.
• Video Systems: 4K, FHD, and HD video cameras; in addition to our VLM mixing and montaging software.
• Computing Systems: Laptops, Desktops, and Tablets for the attendees.
• Presentation Systems: covering a wide variety of High-res LED and LCD Monitors for both indoor and outdoor use; in addition to projectors and projection screens.
• Light: Managed Light and Effects Systems with their controllers and chassis.
• Translation equipment: We provide the complete hardware set for on-site translation services. Our equipment are sourced from world’s renowned manufacturers to guarantee to the attendee an interference-proof experience with the highest grade of quality and comfort. We also provide translators from multiple countries.
• Telecom equipment and Broadband Internet hire: Telnet IT experts provide several quick-to–deploy Internet solutions, point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint communication to broadcast the event, online, from one site to another, or from hall to another (room expansion).

9. Post Event Montage and Reporting:

Since the event is recorded live from beginning to end, post-event results are documented and submitted in multiple forms of: Polling Results, Audience Feedback, Attendance Count (whether virtual or walk-in), Conference and Hall Count, General Statistics Results, Video Montage, and full documentation of information presented during the event.

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